The Rotary Club of Kirstenbosch is run by a Board headed by the Club President.

The Club Members, at an Annual General Meeting, elect the Club President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  The immediate Past President and portfolio directors is appointed by the Club President, make up the rest of the Board.

Club Office Bearers for the 2019/20 Rotary Year

Office Bearers

President Phillip Swales
President Elect Phillip Swales
Vice President Graham Buchholtz
Immediate Past President Richard Browne
Secretary Christopher Jacobs
Treasurer Graham Buchholtz


Service Projects Lois Herr
Club Administration Phillip Swales
Public Relations Vyv Deacon
Youth Services Paul Stohrer
Rotary Foundation Jeromé O’Ryan

Income Projects

CT Carols at Kirstenbosch Coordinator Paul Stohrer
Team Richard Browne, Ruth Browne, Graham Buchholtz
Christmas Puddings Coordinator Graham Buchholtz
Team TBA
JP Duminy Hall Coordinator Phillip Swales
Club Assistance
Cycle Tour Coordinator TBA
Two-Oceans Coordinator Stephanie Bekker

Service Projects

Director: Lois Herr
Committee: Bob Harvey, Richard Browne, Sue O’Shea, Lesley Botha
Disease Prevention & Treatment
Medical Equipment Coordinators Bob Harvey, Rod Arnold, Cameron February
Water & Sanitation
Sustainability Trust Coordinators Rod Arnold
Economic & Community Development
Red Cross Hospital Museum Coordinator Paul Stohrer
Basic Education & Literacy
Container of Books Bob Harvey Sue O’Shea, Lesley Botha
School Quizzes Coordinator Paul Stohrer
Spellathon Coordinator Paul Stohrer
HIV Coordinators Cameron February
Literacy for All Coordinator Paul Stohrer
Bursary Fund Coordinator Vyv Deacon
Team Richard Browne, Graham Buchholtz, Paul Stohrer
Director: Phillip Swales
Membership Coordinator TBA
Mentoring Coordinator Paul Stohrer
Fellowship Coordinator Rod Arnold
Speakers Coordinator Rod Arnold
Kelvin Grove Liaison Coordinator (Secretary)
Director: Vyv Deacon
Website / Social Media Coordinators Tazneem Meredith, Paul Stohrer
Disa Digest Editor Vyv Deacon
Director: Paul Stohrer
Global Grants Student Counsellor Jennifer Paterson
Youth Coordinator Paul Stohrer
Interact & RYLA Coordinator Paul Stohrer, Cameron February
Earlyact Coordinator Tasneem Meredith
Director: Jeromé O’Ryan
Committee Co-opted